Why is Spring Cleaning My Office Important?

May 6th, 2015 · No Comments

Cleveland, OH offices – are you thinking about spring cleaning your place of work? Many people instinctively think to do a cleaning on their homes, but a deep clean of your business or office is equally important. After all, it’s likely your place of work is home to a lot more mess than you think, and this mess is making an even bigger impression on your employees or customers than you ever thought possible. Here are some reasons ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration thinks spring commercial cleaning in Cleveland, OH is important:

If not now, when? Spring cleaning isn’t something you should put off, especially after the type of brutal winter we’ve just experienced. There isn’t a “National Clean Your Business or Office Day,” so springtime is as good of a time as any to get rid of the dirt that’s sticking around in your place of work. You may think about taking a poll from your employees or visitors on what they think needs the most help.

First (and second) impressions matter. If your business is filled with customers and visitors every day, you want to make a good impression. For your customers, seeing your business with dirty carpets, filthy furniture and unorganized files can be a huge turnoff. It can turn away business. In fact, according to CleanLink, losing just a few customers every day can amount to more than you think. For example, if two people each day decide not to eat at a certain restaurant because of it looks unclean, that restaurant can lose around $5,110 annually. This can easily be avoided with a simple spring cleaning.

Thousands of Cleveland residents have trusted ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration services for their commercial cleaning (and spring cleaning) needs. By offering commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, we hope we can bring your business or office back to life this spring. Contact us today!

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