3 Bad Stains and How to Get Them Out of Your Carpets in Cleveland, OH

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Seeing a stain on expensive or new carpet is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Carpets are an important home investment, and it’s crucial that they are well kept. We all know stains can pop up at the most inconvenient times, and you need a way to keep the stain from setting. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration in Cleveland, OH has some carpet cleaning tips to get rid of three unfortunate, pesky stains.

Gum. Talk about a sticky situation – literally. One of the best ways to extract the dropped and forgotten gum from your carpets is ice. Because ice will harden the gum, it becomes easy to scrape off. Goo-Gone is a good product that also works well on sticky messes like gum.

Nail Polish. When your family decides painting nails can only be done on the carpet without protection, a DIY carpet cleaning and stain removal solution may be needed. Believe it or not, nail polish remover is actually effective on carpets! However, this only makes sense for light colored carpets; if your carpet is dark, try rubbing alcohol.

Ink. Whether it’s a failed art project or an exploded pen, ink is pesky for homeowners and carpet cleaning experts alike, and is usually one of the most obvious (and colorful) stains on your carpet. Blotting rubbing alcohol with a wet cloth is one of the best solutions, but must be repeated for a while until the spot fades away. If that fails, try mixing a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with a cup of water and blotting until the stain lessens.

Remember that it’s important to blot, not rub, when it comes to stains. Another essential piece of carpet cleaning and getting out stains is knowing when to call in the experts. DIY tips are handy for panicked messes, but you don’t want to damage your investment for the long run. When you’re worried about a stain setting, don’t panic, and call the carpet cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration in Cleveland, OH.

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