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Asthma Sufferers in Cleveland, Ohio Can Breathe Easy With Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

A common misconception within the general public and amongst medical professionals is that people who suffer from asthma should not live in homes with carpet. Well, Im here to tell all the asthmatic carpet lovers of Cleveland, OH, that you can have your carpet and smell it too. This myth has been debunked and turned upside down. The good news comes with new knowledge that carpeting can even be helpful for those with asthma. As long as your carpet is professionally cleaned by ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services—who can remove all the dust mites, allergens, dust, dirt, mold, and pet dandercarpet and asthmatics do not need to be enemies.

When professionally cleaned, carpeting has no correlation with causing the symptoms of asthma. Allergens tend to gather at the bottom of carpet in hard to reach places. Your vacuum or personal carpet cleaner cannot penetrate to the depths where those allergens set up shop. But researchers have concluded that the intense suction, solution, and water that professional carpet cleaning provides are enough to keep asthma under control in carpeted environments.

Studies have even shown that carpeting can reduce the symptoms of asthma! Professionally cleaned carpeting can act as a sort of filter for the air in your home. This allergen trap actually improves the quality of your air.

So those of you in Cleveland, OH with asthma can call a permanent truce. You no longer have to be at war with carpets! Cosmetic and comfortable choices for the flooring in your home are no longer controlled by your asthma. You can make choices based solely on your own personal desire and preference. Now, empowered with this knowledge, be sure to use professional carpet cleaning, then curl up on the floor with some pillows, take a deep breath, and enjoy your home. Give ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services a call at 440-816-1376 today!