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Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Professionals

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning in the Cleveland, OH, area, make sure to hire a company you trust! Rather than putting up with nasty stains in your hallways or ignoring your carpet cleaning for another month, take the time to get serious about cleaning your carpets.


Our team at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore is here to help throughout the professional carpet cleaning process, whatever you may need. Here are just a few tips about how to properly and professionally clean your carpet this season:


Blot Away Stains: If you spill soda, coffee, or another liquid on your carpeting, make sure to blot, not rub, the stain as soon as possible. Stains will set in over time, but blotting with a white rag or towel will remove most of the damage. Just make sure to move fast.


Use Common Products: Additionally, when it comes to cleaning carpet spots or stains, consider using products you can find in most household cabinets or supply closets. Dish soap or hydrogen peroxide are great replacements for expensive, chemically based cleaning products.


Deep Clean Regularly: Finally, it’s important to regularly deep clean your carpets! That means cleaning down to the base of your carpet, making sure that all the dust, dirt, and dander is removed from each fiber. In addition to making your space sparkle, a regular deep cleaning is better for indoor air quality, too!


So, if you’re tired of a stained or smelly carpet in your space in the Cleveland, OH, area, take the time to invest in the quality of your space, starting with what’s underfoot. Contact our team at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore. We’re here for all of your professional carpet cleaning needs, and we will work with you to get the job done.


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