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Cleveland Homeowners: Clean Your Rain Gutters to Avoid Water Damage

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration provides water damage restoration in Cleveland, OH.

The time is upon us once again here in the greater Cleveland, OH area to prepare our homes for the winter months ahead. When witnessing the seasons change from summer into fall, all the beautiful bright colors of our local trees can be very mesmerizing. As winter turns to spring, the melting of roof-top snow may find its way into our basements due to rain gutter overflow. Keeping rain gutters clean throughout the fall season is an important step in the prevention of basement water damage come spring. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services offers water damage restoration in Cleveland, OH, but our tip to you is to stay on top of leaf and tree debris build-up in rain gutters to prevent potential overflow and seepage of water into your basement.

Most of us in the area can’t deny the beauty of fall. The cool, crisp air and colorful leaves beckon us to light warming fires, consume hot comforting drinks, and begin our traditional holiday shopping. When thinking about the down sides of fall, there isn’t much to fear but the arrival of winter with its heavy, wet, and sometimes overwhelming snow fall. Before winter arrives though, it is ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services’s recommendation to keep in mind the cleanliness of rain gutters. As rain gutters fill with leaves and tree debris, they become blocked. These blockages prevent melting snow from flowing through your rain gutter and into the down spouts. If left unchecked and blocked, the rain gutter can overflow, causing water to cascade down the side of your house and against the foundation. The scariest part of water coming into contact with your foundation is that it can enter your basement. We suggest cleaning debris out of your rain gutters throughout the fall using a garden hose, by hand with a good pair of work gloves and a little elbow grease, or hiring a professional rain gutter cleaning service.

No matter how water finds its way into your Cleveland home’s basement, there is always an ounce of prevention worth investing. There are a lot of options available to you for cleaning rain gutters. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration wants to remind you to be proactive, not reactive. Don’t let basement moisture be an afterthought. Though our water damage restoration service is top notch, we don’t necessarily want to see you and your family struggling with basement repairs come springtime. If, however, you find yourself in need of water cleanup and  restoration services, please give us a call, and let our professional staff clean and dry your problems away.