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Learn How ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services Can Help You With COVID-19 Response

COVID Disinfection Services in the Cleveland, OH, Area

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration provides expert COVID disinfection services. Call (440) 816-1376 to schedule coronavirus disinfection and cleaning for your business or space in Cleveland, OH, or anywhere in Cuyahoga County.

Build Confidence with Expert COVID Disinfection Services

Ohio has begun to reopen its businesses, schools, and public spaces into the new normal of our coronavirus world. With this comes a whole new level of respect for the necessity of good cleaning.

COVID disinfection and cleaning is essential to keep your employees, customers, and public confident in their safety when they walk through your doors. That peace of mind is invaluable. Even after a vaccine is distributed, the year 2020 will leave an indelible mark on the public—everyone’s going to want a clean space.

COVID disinfection services from ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration will provide that peace of mind and help demonstrate your business’s commitment to health and wellbeing.

General and Sector-Specific Requirements for Ohio

The state of Ohio has released general and sector-specific requirements for businesses that are beginning to reopen. Every set of guidance has required a commitment to cleaning and disinfection, especially when a positive case has been identified at the location.

The five protocols for all businesses include face coverings, daily health assessments, good hygiene practices, cleaning and sanitation, and limited capacity.

Sector-specific protocols are provided for just about every kind of business or public space you can imagine, from sports clubs and summer camps to churches and manufacturing facilities. If you haven’t already, review the requirements for your own business or organization.

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration is your partner when it comes to thorough COVID disinfection and cleaning services. Count on our experienced technicians to provide the cleaning services you need during this unprecedented time.

Coronavirus Disinfection and Cleaning Services

Technicians at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration follow all applicable guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control when performing COVID disinfection services. That includes, for example, EPA-registered disinfectants capable of killing the coronavirus.

Our cleaning technicians also take hygienic precautions while providing service, for both your protection and theirs. That includes disposable gloves, masks, and good ventilation (when possible). Cleaning is what we do. You can count on our technicians to get it done right.

Reopening Cleaning

Looking to reopen your space to the public? Schedule a reopening cleaning with ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration. We’ll give your space the one-time deep cleaning and disinfection you need to reopen confidently and safely.

Preventative Cleaning

If your business has already reopened, it should be maintaining a strong cleaning schedule. Part of that equation can mean regular disinfection servicing from professionals. Our team will also help you come up with a regular coronavirus disinfection and cleaning plan that makes sense for your business’s space, traffic, and other unique factors.

When you do choose to disinfect and clean regularly, let people know! Get the word out that your business cares about cleanliness and wellbeing. Confidence is going to be essential as Ohio reopens to its new normal.


Given the current rate of spread, a confirmed COVID-19 case is bound to occur at or near more businesses than we care to think about—that’s just a fact. If it happens to you, count on our coronavirus decontamination service to tackle the problem right. We’ll follow the recommended procedures and more to ensure your space is disinfected and safe to resume work and public traffic.

Defend Your Business from the Coronavirus with COVID Disinfection Services

Call us at (440) 816-1376 for COVID disinfection services in Cleveland, OH, and throughout Cuyahoga County. We’ll put together a service plan that’s right for your business and get to work!

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