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First and Future Impressions of Your Business are Important. Keep Upholstery in your Lobby or Office Clean with ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services in Cleveland, OH

It’s been a long winter in the Cleveland, Ohio area and with winter comes snow, salt, sand, and other dirt. Not only do these unlikable substances find their way to your floors and carpets, but your upholstery as well. It’s not just the winter season that finds its way into your business, what about spilled drinks, food crumbs, animals, or just plain wear and tear? If your lobby, office, or other areas of your business need a new clean and attractive look, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services in Cleveland, Ohio for all your upholstery cleaning needs.

Cleveland is the second largest city in Ohio which certainly means that there is a lot of foot traffic coming through the doors of your business. Patients, customers, clients, and maybe even pets, all eventually find their way to your lobby chairs, couches, and maybe even touch the window coverings.

With spring on its way, why not start spring cleaning early and give a great first impression to your clients, customers, or patients who walk through your door! We all know that first impressions are lasting impressions.

Have you tried cleaning the upholstery yourself and it just seems to be fruitless? Don’t have the time, energy, equipment, cleaning products, or resources to give your furniture and upholstery a bright and clean look?

Don’t fret and worry. When your customers spill drinks, drop crumbs, or just drag in dirt from outside onto your furniture, these items can find their way into the fibers of your upholstery. If your upholstery is not maintained properly, you’ll end up needing to purchase new furnishings every few years to keep your lobby or office looking professional.

If you are a business owner, chances are that you have a tight budget and buying new furniture isn’t top on the list of new items to purchase every few years. With proper upholstery cleaning and maintenance, your furniture can last many years and still look as good as new. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services in Cleveland, Ohio have highly trained professionals who strive to give you the clean that you deserve to keep the first and future impressions of your business top-notch. Our professional staff work together to provide the services that are best for you and your situation. Whether you schedule regular upholstery cleanings or as needed, you are sure to be satisfied with ServiceMaster Clean.

Start your spring cleaning early by contacting ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services in Cleveland, Ohio by calling 440-816-1376. Remember first and future impressions are important for the success of your business.