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From Leaks to Floods, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services Can Help with Water Damage Restoration in Cleveland, OH

Storms, leaky roofs, and ruptured pipes can wreak havoc on your home or business. Not only can water damage ruin your interior and exterior carpets and foundation, but it can also create a lifetime of problems if not managed correctly from the beginning. Mold is a common concern among businesses and homes, as it can cause anything from mild allergic reactions to severe respiratory problems. Addressing the issues as you find them, and calling in the professionals before you think there is a problem, will give you the best chance to prevent future problems.

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services in Cleveland is here to restore your property back to pre-loss conditions. When the unexpected happens and you end up with a basement full of water, one of the most important things you can do is water damage restoration, which can return your damaged home back to pre-loss condition.

If you find yourself with a small leak or light spill, ServiceMaster’s cleaning and restoration team can help you decide if carpet cleaning will do the job. The importance of hiring a professional carpet cleaner lies not only in having the right tools to perform the job, but also in knowing the difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning. As professionals, we know how important it is to ensure your floors, carpet, and hidden areas are dry and protected from the potential for mold growth. Ensuring your carpet is clean, dry, and free of mold will protect you for years to come.

As winter approaches, homes and their pipes are prone to leaks and ruptures. Ensuring that you keep a dry basement and address leaks as soon as they are found will help to keep your home free from mold and mildew. Frequent care of your carpet with regular carpet cleaning as a preventive measure will not only keep your house fresh, but also detect hidden problems that you may not have noticed, but that our professionals will see.

As the new season approaches, remember that ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services in Cleveland is here for your carpet cleaning and full water damage restoration needs. Don’t let those small leaks or unexpected disasters ruin your day. Call us today.