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Got Burst Pipes in Cleveland? Call Us for Water Damage Restoration

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services provides winter water damage repair for Cleveland residents. For as long as modern plumbing has existed, so have the inherent problems associated with it. There are sometimes issues of dissolving pipes, excessive corrosion, and stress cracking from either temperature extremes or physical jarring. As sensitive as plumbing pipes can be […]

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Prepare for Thanksgiving Guests with Upholstery Cleaning for Your Cleveland Home

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration provides house cleaning services for Cleveland homeowners. Have you volunteered your Cleveland home as the gathering place for this year’s Thanksgiving feast? Are you the kind of person who enjoys the therapeutic nature of cooking and preparing a large meal for friends and family? It’s all well and good impressing guests […]

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How Cleveland Residents Can Avoid a Cooking-Related House Fire this Thanksgiving

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services provides fire restoration services throughout the Cleveland area. Another holiday season is quickly approaching in the greater Cleveland area. Though Halloween has come and gone, there’s still that traditional big meal preparation for Thanksgiving, and likely another come Christmas. If any pointers can be given to the cooks out there […]

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Cleveland Homeowners: Clean Your Rain Gutters to Avoid Water Damage

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration provides water damage restoration in Cleveland, OH. The time is upon us once again here in the greater Cleveland, OH area to prepare our homes for the winter months ahead. When witnessing the seasons change from summer into fall, all the beautiful bright colors of our local trees can be very […]

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Remove Allergens from Your Cleveland Home with Our Carpet Cleaning Services

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services provides professional carpet cleaning services in Cleveland. As the summer season transitioned into fall here in Cleveland, OH, plant allergens blanketed and penetrated most every surface of our homes. Unless you have a positive pressure air filtration system installed, the levels of pollen, among other allergens, likely built up and […]

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Furniture Stain Removal for Cleveland Homes and Businesses

Cleveland Upholstery Cleaning Services by ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services You must admit, eating in front of the television is quite a relaxing experience. After spending your day at work sitting upright in front of your computer, or during lunch on one of those uncomfortable cafeteria chairs, you probably don’t want to sit at your […]

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Cubicle Carpet Cleaning: The Forgotten Chore

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services provides complete office cleaning services in Cleveland, OH. Anyone who works in a business where cubicles are a part of everyday life knows how cluttered they can become. From paperwork to leftover employee lunch containers, the cubicle space sometimes resembles a conglomeration of a person’s life more than the professional […]

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Basement Flooding in Cleveland, OH

 Water Damage Restoration in Cleveland, OH by ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services So you’re walking down the stairs into your basement and something just isn’t right. There’s an odd smell in the air, the room feels extraordinarily damp, and your footsteps on the stairs aren’t creating the echo you remember. As you reach the bottom […]

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Carpet Pet Residue?

Cleveland, OH Carpet Cleaning by ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services Anyone who’s ever enjoyed the company of an animal by their side understands why it’s such a joy to have them live among us in our homes. There are so many upsides that exist when becoming good friends with your dog, cat, or what have […]

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What Are the Steps of Water Damage Restoration in Cleveland, OH?

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services explains what precisely goes into water removal in homes and businesses. Water is a necessary part of life, and even an enjoyable one. But when water seeps into homes or businesses, water damage can quickly occur if not dealt with properly and efficiently. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration can help make […]

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