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Prepare for Thanksgiving Guests with Upholstery Cleaning for Your Cleveland Home

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration provides house cleaning services for Cleveland homeowners.

Have you volunteered your Cleveland home as the gathering place for this year’s Thanksgiving feast? Are you the kind of person who enjoys the therapeutic nature of cooking and preparing a large meal for friends and family? It’s all well and good impressing guests with great food, but what about that house of yours? The decorations are finally up, the festive scents are deployed throughout, carpets will be vacuumed, and surfaces dusted the day before guests arrive. Did you forget anything? How about your furniture? Is it clean and lively, or embarrassingly stained, dirty, and matted down?

Here’s the scenario you want to avoid: You just finished baking one of your world famous homemade pumpkin pies. As you set it down on the counter to cool, you just happen to look over at the love seat in the living room and notice a previously unseen dark spot contrasting against its lighter colored upholstery. You walk over to the loveseat to get a better look…oh no! There’s a juice stain of some kind that oddly resembles the shape of the Kool-Aid Man! No matter how it got there, its presence needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The main issue with removing that stain yourself is the upholstery type. You thought it was a great idea to purchase a beautiful furniture set covered in an attractive cream colored micro suede, but you don’t know how to clean it without making the problem worse.

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration specializes in such cleaning issues, and we love helping people prepare their homes for guests, both during the holiday seasons and year round. We offer residential upholstery cleaning for those tedious and unexpected furniture and carpet cleanings that come around every so often. This time of year is one of the best to have your upholstery and carpets cleaned, deodorized, and refreshed. Ensure your home is properly cleaned and prepared for the holidays yet to come by giving us a call today!