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Prepare for Potential Water Damage this Fall in Cleveland, OH

Now that fall is finally here in the Cleveland, OH, area, it’s important to understand and prepare for the weather changes. This autumn in the Midwest, as rain begins to fall and temperatures start to drop, you’ll need to prepare for potential water damage.

Moisture damage happens in a number of different ways in the Midwest, including (but not limited to) the issues that follow. Let’s take a look and take a moment to prevent water damage around your home this fall!

Clear Leaves and Gutters: As tree leaves begin to fall, it’s important to make sure they don’t collect in your gutters for too long! If leaves are left behind, they can often become moldy and rot, or even create harmful blockages following heavy rainstorms. The water that is blocked can flow back into your basement or wall cavities, and create dangerous indoor damage.

Disconnect Water Hoses: Now that the temperature is beginning to drop, you will likely not have much yard work left to complete, so instead of keeping your hose connected outside, take the time to disconnect it from its bib. Otherwise, you may experience complications of pipes freezing and water damage during the coming winter months!

Check for Roof Damage: Oftentimes, water and moisture damage can start with your home’s roof. Even a single missing shingle can create vulnerabilities for your roof, and should be fixed before heavy rain or snowfall. Make sure to have your home’s roof checked regularly in order to avoid damage!

So, what are you waiting for in the Cleveland, OH, area? Take the time to make sure you and your home are protected from moisture damage this fall! The team at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore are here to support you throughout the process of preventing damage or help with the remediation and recovery following water damage. Give us a call today!