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ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services Cleveland, OH Excels at Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration

You may think that the damage caused by water is obvious. When standing water sits on carpets and wood flooring, the damage it causes begins immediately. But what about the unseen damage caused when water seeps into molding, floorboards, and the cracks and crevices of furniture? This is why ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services of Cleveland, OH employs the best, most highly trained teams to perform water damage restoration and carpet cleaning services.

You may think that you have successfully removed all the water from your home, but this may be a premature assumption. Moisture can still be hiding in areas that could cause floorboards to warp or mold to form. Walls can swell and wallpaper can bubble and peel. The odor emitted by water-damaged carpeting and upholstered furniture can be very difficult to remove.

Water damage does not always come in the form of a flood from a rising river or torrential rains. Sometimes a burst pipe can cause significant damage to our homes. Businesses are certainly not exempt from damage caused by water either.

When the weather gets cold in Ohio, as it certainly does in Cleveland and the surrounding areas, pipes and can freeze. Sometimes these frozen pipes can burst. Furniture can be damaged and stained minutes after it has been exposed to water. Drywall can begin to soften and bacteria can begin to form in the days after flooding. Odors start developing that can be very difficult to get rid of. This makes professional carpet cleaning and fast water damage restoration service essential to protecting not only the value of your home or property, but also the well-being of your family and employees as well.

After water damage occurs, we’ll get you and your family back living in your home where you belong. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services in Cleveland, OH gets businesses back up in running. Call us today.