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ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services Provides Water Damage Restoration in Cleveland, OH

Like everything else on our planet, water is subject to gravity. It wants to come down, and it will find any crevice or opening to fill and flow through. When homeowners think of water damage, a flood from a storm may be the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps flooding from a burst pipe is a likely suspect as well. What homeowners and business owners in Cleveland, OH may not think of, however, is water damage from a leaky roof. That’s why ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services employs a dedicated team of professionals who can identify the problems and deal with them through proper water damage restoration services.

Another cause for water damage could be after a fire has occurred. The amount of water necessary to extinguish a blaze can be massive, and if that water has nowhere to go, the water that remains can cause as much damage as the flames.

Poor roof construction, or roofs that are old and rotting, also offer the potential for water damage in the home. Rodents such as squirrels and raccoons may chew their way into the attic, allowing rainwater to enter. Seals and gaskets on fans or attic openings may become damaged by the elements. When this happens it allows water to leak in and begin rotting ceilings, floors, and walls.

Once water has gained access, a number of negative consequences can start to develop. Mold can form in damp wood. As a mold colony grows and spreads, so does the health risks associated with it. Water can also damage electrical wiring in the attic which can increase the risk of fire in the home.

For homeowners or business owners in need of water damage restoration in Cleveland, OH, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services are the professionals to call for fast, effective service. Don’t let a simple leak turn into a big financial drain. Call us today!