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Springtime Water Damage Cleanup in Cleveland, OH

When it comes to water damage cleanup in the Cleveland, OH, area, make sure that you have a qualified and experienced team on your side. The folks at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore know how to handle even the trickiest parts of such a cleanup, whether damage was caused by a minor burst pipe or a major flood.

Every expert will tell you, though, that it’s better to practice prevention against water damage. And we encourage you to have our remediation and restoration services as a backup. Here’s how to make sure your space is prepared against water damage to prevent the need for water damage cleanup:

Clean All Gutters: First and foremost, start by checking your gutters and downspouts. Especially during the spring months, you need to make sure that these are clear of leaves and other debris. Otherwise, they could become blocked and water could overflow and seep into your building’s foundation, walls, or roof.

Landscape with Intention: Spring is often the best time of year to start thinking about summertime planting and gardening, but make sure that you’re effectively choosing planting locations to ensure that no plant’s roots interfere with your sewer system!

Install a Sump Pump: A sump pump is a great option for preventing or reducing flooding, especially in your basement. Although a sump pump may seem like a big investment up front, it can save you lots of money in the long run!

Maintain Your Pipes: Especially in the Midwest, pipes require special attention during the winter months. Make sure to keep water flowing in your pipes so that they don’t freeze, and regularly test your water pressure. It’s also important to make sure to never pour grease down the kitchen drain and regularly check for clogged drains. Plus, keep your indoor temperature regulated so your pipes don’t freeze!

In sum, rather than needing water damage cleanup in the Cleveland, OH, area, consider preventing the problem in the first place by taking the preceding suggested steps. If you have already experienced water damage, not to worry. Our professionally trained team is here to answer all your questions and help with the process of water damage cleanup. Give us a call today!