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Summertime Carpet Cleaning in Cleveland, OH

When it comes to caring for and cleaning carpets this summer in the Cleveland, Ohio area, make sure you’re getting the job done right. The professionals at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore are here to help your commercial space stay clean and looking fantastic by cleaning what’s underfoot.


Here are a few tips and tricks from professional cleaners about how to keep your carpeting clean this season:


  • Use Floor Mats: What’s the best way to keep carpets clean? Invest in some welcome mats or floor mats to put inside the door and around the foyer entrance. This will catch mud, dirt, and grime before it ends up ground into your carpeting. Just make sure to regularly clean these mats so they don’t accumulate too much filth and spread it to your carpeting!
  • Cleanup Spills: Have you been staring at the same coffee stain for the last few months? Make sure to catch those carpet stains promptly and clean them up quickly! That means blotting them out immediately with a clean white towel and treating with a stain remover as soon as possible. Otherwise, if given time, that stain will permanently set and ruin the entire carpet!
  • Hire Professionals: A professional carpet cleaner is the best way to ensure your carpet cleaning is efficient and effective. By bringing in a team to help out, you’ll be guaranteed to have a quality clean on a regular schedule. When folks walk through the door, make sure they’re greeted with a fresh, clean atmosphere!


So, what are you waiting for this season in the Cleveland, OH area? This is the perfect time to get your carpeting looking, feeling, and smelling fresh! We’re here to help make your life easier by conducting the thorough, safe, and economical cleaning your carpets require. Give the team at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore a call today and allow us to handle your regular carpet cleaning this season!