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The Weather Outside May be Frightful, but Don’t Let Burst Water Pipes Ruin Your Holiday Season with Water Damage Restoration from ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration in Rocky River, Ohio

As the winter months are upon us, we may feel that we don’t really need to worry about flood and water damage in our homes or businesses. With the winter months, however, blizzard conditions and frigid temperatures mean frozen and burst water pipes are a true probability. If you’ve experienced water damage from frozen and burst water pipes and need water damage restoration services, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration in Rocky River, Ohio.

Whether frozen water pipes are a first-time event for you or you have experienced them in the past, it truly isn’t a good experience. The damage can leave you with a terrible mess that requires immediate attention. The most vulnerable spots in your home are pipes in attics, basements, or non-insulated areas, such as those under cupboards, in closets, or on the outside of your home. It’s imperative to check these pipes often and keep an eye on expansion that can lead to bursting which then causes water damage.

No one wants to deal with the mess water damage causes. It’s a terrible disruption for your family or your business sales, particularly during the busy holiday season. For many folks, this time of the year is stressful enough, and adding another stressor can be overwhelming.

If you’ve experienced water damage caused by frozen and burst water pipes, know that ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration in Rocky River, Ohio, stands ready to assist you with water cleanup and restoration. Our trained and professional staff has the knowledge, products, and equipment to get your home or business and life back to normal in no time at all so you can enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

Contact us today for your water damage restoration needs by calling (440) 816-1376, or visiting our website at We know that winter weather can be frightful, so we want your indoor world to be filled with a delightful sense of calmness, love, and peace, particularly during the holiday season.