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3 Tips for Quality Upholstery Cleaning



When it comes to quality upholstery cleaning in the Cleveland, OH, area, look no farther than the team at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore. We have a team of highly experienced staff available to help, whether you’re looking for a deep clean following a disaster or you just need to freshen up your fabrics.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our professional technicians are happy to offer the following three upholstery cleaning tips to get you started this autumn season:

Vacuum Often:

Want to know the best way to maintain your fabrics between cleanings? Make sure that you regularly vacuum everything everywhere. Although many folks regularly vacuum their rugs and carpets, they need to vacuum other surfaces too—particularly their upholstery. This could include your furniture, such as upholstered sofas and chairs, as well as your curtains. This maintain the quality of your fabrics!

Save Tags:

If you buy a new piece of upholstered furniture, make sure that you don’t remove the tag without first learning a bit about the fabric. It’s important to know which types of fabric you’re going to be working with because each requires a different cleaning procedure. Whether polyester or cotton, wool or velvet, make sure that you know your upholstery type—and keep your receipts!

Treat Stains:

This might be the most important tip of all, especially because it requires a timeline. If someone spills coffee on your rug or wine on your sofa or any stain at all, you need to act quickly. Begin by dabbing the stain with a white cloth, and then apply a cleaning product gradually. The best strategy is to first test a cleaning product on a small, unseen portion of the fabric. If there is no issue with the cleaner, then apply it to the stain, continuing your dabbing rather than scrubbing!

If you’re looking for upholstery cleaning this season in the Cleveland, OH, area. Make sure that you invest your money with a professional company with years of experience. The folks at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore are here to help, and we look forward to working with you this fall to get your upholstery cleaned. Give us a call today!