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Treat Yourself to a Clean Retreat With Upholstery Cleaning From ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Summer seems to be in full swing as many people are spending time outside in the sun, enjoying the beauty of nature, or relaxing with friends and family by the pool. However, the beauty of Mother Nature can also make your relaxing retreat space dusty and dirty. Your patio furniture may have suffered stains from the last barbeque or get-together. If the upholstery of your residential outdoor or indoor furniture needs a pick-me-up, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services in Cleveland, Ohio, for residential upholstery cleaning services.

Outdoor furniture oftentimes gathers pollen, dust, and dirt, leaving it looking less attractive in addition to causing you to sneeze and itch. Bugs will likely find their way into the comfort of your cushions hoping the suction of the vacuum won’t find them. You may be able to get some of the dust, bugs, and other particles out by vacuuming the upholstery yourself; however, if you feel the need for a deep clean, it may be beneficial to contact a professional cleaning service.

If the upholstery inside your home is looking a bit drab, it may be time to spruce it up a bit. Curtains, cushions, and furniture all need to be cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized from time to time. And what better way to get your home looking and smelling fresh and clean than by cleaning the upholstery?

The ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Service team in Cleveland, Ohio, will vacuum the dry dirt and then clean, sanitize, and deodorize the fabric. You deserve a clean retreat area in your home, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration in the Cleveland, Ohio, area by calling 440-816-1376 or by visiting our website at We’ll provide the treat that you deserve with residential upholstery cleaning for the furniture in your home’s retreat area.