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Water Damage Restoration During National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness month, which makes this the perfect time to prepare for whatever else 2020 may have in store. In addition to planning for pandemics, tornadoes, and earthquakes, this is also the right time to consider a plan for flooding or severe water damage.


There are multiple steps that will allow you to feel safer and more prepared in the Cleveland, Ohio area, especially for flooding or potential water damage. Here’s how to get started:


  • Gather Information: First and foremost, take time to learn about common disasters or emergencies in your area and what causes each of these. For example, are more floods caused by weather events, or by residential issues? How common is water damage from frozen or ineffective pipes? Before taking any steps, learn about common issues and take preventative steps to avoid these, especially as the weather turns colder.
  • Create a Plan: Next up, create a plan for yourself and your family, and communicate this plan with all family members. For example, choose a safe meeting spot if you need to get outside of your home or space. If there is a severe weather event, make sure to share important phone numbers and decide what is best for your family. Will you drive to a different location, or take shelter in the basement? How does this change, depending on the type of event?
  • Understand Next Steps: Finally, do your research on local services that can help. The team at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore understands the importance of helping you recover from a disaster, and we’re here to help with any and all types of water damage restoration.


So, as you participate in Preparedness Month in the Cleveland, OH area, consider the importance of gathering information, creating a plan, and understanding the next steps following water damage. Flooding is serious, especially as the weather turns cooler, and it’s important to know how to move forward.


For all your water damage restoration needs, give our team a call today!